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Credit Correction

Have you been victimized by the Credit Reporting System and its misuse?
Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You keep getting rejected for loans.
  • You apply for loans on-line, and nobody ever responds.
  • You read about low interest rates - but not for you.
  • Your car or home insurance premium increased for no reason.

This concerns the Credit Bureaus' sloppy or improper collection and interpretation of your personal information. Those companies believe that if most information is correct most of the time, everything is fine: but that does not help you if YOUR information is wrong.

Follow the steps below to take charge of your credit history and FUTURE.

Step 1: Know your FICO score

Request your free credit report at . This is the best way to get your report from all three credit reporting agencies for free. You may also want your annual credit report to check your information. Check here:

Step 2: Change your FICO score

Your next task is to raise the score. If you want to buy a manufactured home, your target should be at least 640. You have four options. I list them with the best options last:

  1. Change your identity. Illegal; don't do it. I only mention it here because over the years I have seen many plans that claim instant "perfect" credit. They all boil down to misrepresenting who is actually applying for credit. These plans are often felony fraud.

  2. Wait until your score gets better. The preferred plan of the Credit Bureaus; you sit passively for years while mysterious forces continue to operate. Keep in mind, by years I mean LOTS of years - and not much improvement. In my case, using a Credit Bureau web site I discovered that if I did everything perfectly (by their logic), in three years my score would improve about 25 points. If that sounds good, no need to read further.

  3. Challenge your FICO Score yourself. For just a few problems, and lots of time, you might try this yourself. If you go this route you will need a book or two. There are a couple for about $10 each.

  4. Get help from a lawyer.Challenging your credit report is a legal matter. You can expect the best outcome in the shortest period of time with legal representation. Through the Internet you can get exceptional help. Check out theses features:

    • More than 500,000 items deleted from credit reports last year alone.
    • Deleted items include Judgments, Tax Liens, Charge Offs, Collections, Late Payments, Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Repossessions and more.
    • An average of ten items deleted per client in the first 90 days.
    • Full Refund Policy
    • Member of the Better Business Bureau

    Search for a credit score lawer with: "credit repair lawer" or, if you want to try yourself, use "credit repair book"

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Step 3: Keep your (New) FICO Score

The new freedom of an improved credit score will not help if it gets destroyed by a new round of negative entries. If you have more than $5,000 in unsecured loans, you can look for a debt consolidation calculator. You do not need to enter any personal information for an estimate of your monthly savings.

You may also want a non-profit company to help with credit management. Serch below for "debt consolidation calculator" or "non-profit credit management".

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