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Manufactured and Mobile Home Finance

I financed and purchased my manufactured home a few years ago. At the time, there were few options for mobile home financing. With today's Internet, you have more choices. To get the best available finance terms on your home, it really pays to shop around. In our expanded finance section, we will review three ways to get financing for your home:

Our Specialists

MHVillage Specialists(Short Form, BBB)
Up to three Manufactured Housing lending companies will compete to meet your credit, down payment, or other need. Only qualified mobile home lenders will receive your information. Refinance, purchase, land-home, pre-qualification and other loan programs available. You choose which lenders to work with before you authorize a credit check.

Google Search for Manufactured Housing Finance

Rather than try to maintain our own system of lenders, we used Google search technology to create a custom search for manufactured housing finance. Search below for "mobile home refinance" or "manufactured housing lenders" to see the most current loan options:

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MHVillage Refinance(Short Form, BBB)
Recent problems in the credit markets have dramatically reduced the availability of refinancing for manufactured homes. As of this writing, MHVillage continues to maintain refinance lending options in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, MO, WA, NM, OR, SC, TN, and MI. If you are looking to refinance in any of the above states MHVillage will be your best option.

Online Loan Marketplaces

Online loan marketplaces are web sites that collect information from people who want loans, then present it to various lenders. The lenders then make offers which are up to the borrower to accept or reject. The loan marketplace concept is an important tool to rapidly compare a wide variety of loan products and options. Loan marketplaces come in two basic types: "long form" and "short form". Short form sites collect just enough information to get an idea of your situation. Long form sites collect the information for a credit check. Both systems have their advantages. Short form sites give you more time to evaluate a lender before providing private information, long form sites can get you a quicker loan offer. As a final note, sites with the "BBB" designation are members of The Better Business Bureau On-Line.

Search on-line marketplaces: try "Mobile home loan marketplace" or "Manufactured housing mortgage market"

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