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Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I get a price on a home?

While exploring the Internet for manufactured housing, we suggest you:

1. Go through the floor plans and find a few you like.

2. Review the home's standard features and options and determine which are important to you.

3. Schedule a visit with your network retailer. Allow a sales person to identify several choices for you to choose from. A quote can be provided thereafter.

To help align your expectations, ballpark estimates are provided below. We strongly recommend that you visit with a Retailer for an accurate quote as price will vary.

New Home Prices

Park Model, 350 - 450 sq. ft., high-grade construction $50,000
Small, single-wide home, 600-800 sq. ft., economy construction: $24,000
Large single-wide home, 1050-1150 sq. ft., mid-grade construction: $38,400
Small double wide home, 1250-1350 sq. ft., mid-grade construction: $48,000
Large double/triple wide home, 1800-1900 sq. ft., mid-grade construction: $72,000
Largest double/triple wide, 2000-2200+ sq. ft., high-grade construction: $96,000+

Where can I find Used Home Prices
NADA publishes a manual on manufactured housing prices. The manual is more complex than the corresponding one for cars, but it does exist. Any manufactured housing professional should be able to provide a reading from the guide. A second option would be to request an appraisal from a certified appraiser.

We currently do not provide these services. MHVillage can provide a book value within two hours or its free.

How do I find a Retailer near me? lists their preferred retailers around the country. In markets where we have not yet selected a preferred retailer, we provide a Yellow Pages search feature that allows you to find a retailer of interest. We also suggest you subscribe to our Newsletter since we announce all recent additions to the network.

Where can I find information on manufacturers not listed at
Try using any major search engine on the Internet for the manufacturer of interest or use the Yellow Pages and contact them directly.

How do I get information on a particular model of home?
We recommend that you contact the Retailer that had the floor plan available. If the floor plan was from a retailer outside your market, print off the floor plan and take it to your local dealer.

How do I get a catalog of your floor plans? does not make printed floor plan catalogs available. Please contact a retailer regarding floor plan information.

Where can I get replacement parts for my home?
Manufactured homes have many parts that are not available in most building supply centers. To ensure that the parts you buy are compatible with your home, we suggest you visit

Where can I find the manufacturer of my manufactured home?
We suggest that you search for the "data plate" which will contain the manufacturer's name, address, style of the home, and other pertinent information about the home. The data plate is permanently affixed to the home near the electrical circuit breaker box. Other locations include kitchen cabinet doors or bedroom closets - usually out of view to most residents. Data plates have been required on HUD homes since June 1976.

What is PB plumbing pipe and where can I find more information concerning PB pipe claims?
Between the late 1970s to the early 1990s, polybutylene (PB) plumbing pipe was installed in many manufactured homes. Subsequent problems with leaking PB plumbing systems brought on a class action suite against several manufacturers and distributors of these systems. (PB pipe can be identified as the blue pipe used in your yard to bring water to your home from the water meter, or the gray plastic pipe within your home that connects with gray or copper fittings.) If you are experiencing leaks and wish file a claim, you may contact The Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center (CPRC) at (800) 356-3496 or the U.S. Brass Trust at 1-800-622-0130. There will be a recording that will give you the information on how to file a claim.


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